Dirty Secrets About Tap Water

Dirty Secrets About Tap Water

#9 Most Tap Water Meets Federal Standards BUT…

First, the good news: 89.3 percent of America’s community water systems met or exceeded federal standards in 2007. However, even if those standards were awesome, that still leaves more than 29 million people drinking water that is below the minimum standards created by the government.


#8 Some Tap Water is Recycled Sewage

They call it “reclaimed water” but this actually means recycled sewage. More municipal water suppliers are turning to sewage, which is micro-filtered, then treated with reverse osmosis and UV light treatment to make it “ok” to drink.


#7 Up to 300 Chemicals Are Added

Lots of chemicals are added to tap water, in some cases up to 300 different kinds. Chemicals started being added to water in the Victorian era in order to kill bacteria. Some chemicals like Chlorine, Fluorosilicic acid and Aluminum sulphate are added, but scientists claim that the chemicals are in small amounts that are safe to drink.


#6 Reverse Osmosis Removes Good Minerals from Water

Almost all drinking and bottled water goes through reverse osmosis to remove every kind of bacteria or chemical. But what they don’t tell you is that this process removes all of the good minerals from water, too. RO takes out almost 99 percent of beneficial calcium and magnesium. When the Czech and Slovak populations started drinking RO treated water, they immediately had deficiencies in calcium and magnesium.


#5 Municipal Water is in Your Bottled H20

In one of the greatest scams ever created, most bottled water is merely tap water which has been treated to take out the chlorine. Then it is labeled as “spring” water or “natural” water, but almost none of the bottled stuff comes from a clear mountain spring.

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#3 Radiation is Present in Water of 13 US Cities

After the Japanese nuclear accident, radioactive iodine-131 contamination made its way to the USA. The EPA reported that iodine-131 was detected in the drinking water samples from 13 U.S. cities. Iodine-131 lodges in the thyroid gland and can cause cancer.

#2 20% of Jurisdictions Have Violated the Safe Water Act

In 2009, the New York Times conducted an analysis of EPA reports and concluded that over 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems violated the Safe Drinking Water Act over a period of 5 years. That means water provided to over 49 million people contains things such as uranium, arsenic, and sewage bacteria.

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#1 Brown Water Was Deemed “Safe”

Citizens of St. Joseph, Louisiana have struggled to get safe drinking water for decades. The water that comes from the tap is actually brown or yellow. Despite this, the water has been found legally safe because it “only” contains high concentration of lead.


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